The Bible

What We Believe

We believe that God has demonstrated who he is most clearly in the Bible. Unlike the created world, God’s Word gives its readers a much fuller glimpse into who he is and without it our understanding of God is severely limited and prone to error.

Also, The Bible is God’s voice: both in ages past and today. It is preserved and illumined by God the Holy Spirit: he continues to make it alive and active, piercing the deepest parts of our hearts.

This Book is one of the clearest ways that he communicates with humanity. Through it, we are able to have a truthful perspective of the world and a sufficient understanding of the need for salvation in Christ.

Lastly, we believe that the Bible is infallible: never does it contain any errors nor lead anyone deceitfully. This wonderful Word of God is completely trustworthy.

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What We Believe

We believe that there is one true and living God. He is a personal, spiritual, and intelligent Being. He is completely unique; absolutely no one or nothing can compare with him. He is infinitely holy. He created all things for his glory and redeems and restores the brokenness of sin. He knows all things past, present, and future. He is all powerful and unconquerable.

Importantly, he has revealed himself as one God in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each Person is distinct and yet shares in an inseparable unity. Therefore, Father, Son, and Spirit are perfectly active together, each having unique functions and yet equally participating in all things.

God the Father can be understood as the Person who has initiated all things. He is often considered the cause of all things within the action of the Trinity. He has established from eternity past a plan of salvation for humanity.

God the Son has accomplished that plan through becoming fully man in the person of Jesus Christ, completely obeying the will of his Father. He is the one who makes available the plan of the Father through his life, death, and resurrection, to those who believe in His name. He has ascended to the right hand of his Father’s throne and is our true Mediator.

God the Holy Spirit is sent by the Father and Son to apply the work of the Son. That is, he makes what the Father and Son have done come alive in the heart of individual people. This is called regeneration, which he seals forever. He exalts the person and work of God the Son, bringing the presence of God inside those who believe. 

There is an obvious and voluntary submission within the Trinity. Each person, though completely co-equal and co-eternal, has a particular role within the Godhead.

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What We Believe

We believe that humans, both men and women, are creatures of God. He intentionally made us along with all the rest of created universe. However, in contrast to creation, humans are special: we are made in God’s image. That is, we are utterly unique and particular.

We were created to be the masters of the earth, to carefully look after it. The first humans were created without sin, completely innocent, and with the freedom to choose our own actions (“free will”). We took advantage of this freedom and sinned against God.

Though he had created us with an understanding of right and wrong, we chose the fateful path to rebel against our Creator.

Therefore, we are predisposed to a sinful way of life. We, by very nature of our humanity, are rebellious, acting in complete opposition to God’s intentions for our race. Because of our fallenness, we need an outside source, God’s grace, to restore us to God again.

Relevant Scriptures

(Gen 1-3; 6.1-8; 9.6; Ps 1; 8; 32.1-5; 51.5; Isa 6.5; Jer 17.5; Rom 5.12, 15, 18; 2 Cor 5.18ff)


Grace & Salvation

What We Believe

So, we believe humans are in a desperate condition. We have rebelled against God’s intentions and have chosen to walk away from God. Our choices are offensive to God, who is perfectly holy and incomparable.

This creates a severe separation between God and man that cannot be fixed without God’s initiative.

The great news is that he has done just this: through God the Son, God the Father has given humanity an opportunity to enjoy a relationship with him. Through the perfect obedience in life, death, resurrection, and ascension, Jesus does what we cannot do for ourselves: bring us back to the Father. He becomes our substitute; he absorbs our sins before God. Wrath is averted and our sins are fully forgiven.

All of this completely belongs to those that believe in Jesus. If a person truly trusts in Jesus Christ as his Lord, he enjoys the wonderful forgiveness of God, being justified by faith, regenerated and sanctified by the Spirit.

Lastly, we look forward to the day when Jesus returns again, for he promises that we will be glorified with him. All of this can be summarized as “salvation.”

Relevant Scriptures

(Isa 53.5ff; Mark 10.45; Rom 3.21-26; 5.6-8; 2 Cor 5.14-21; Gal 3.13; Col 2.13-15; 1 Peter 2.24-25)



What We Believe

We believe that baptism should be primarily understood in two important ways. First, baptism is a symbol of identification—a symbol of what God has done in the life of a Christian. It is a public statement being made: Christ is King and Lord of my very life.

When a person is baptized, she or he is publicly displaying a new life and intimate union with God in Jesus Christ, celebrating the forgiveness of sin and submitting to Christ forever. So then, baptism is a practice for all Christians. Second, baptism is a welcome.

Through it, a person is powerfully received into the Christian community, the body of Christ. Each person who is baptized joins other believers: she or he is committing to a life of obedience, empowered by God, in the context of a local church.

Relevant Scriptures

(Acts 2.38; 22.16; Gal 3.26-28; Rom 6.3-5; 1 Cor 12.12-13; 1 Pet 3.20-21)