as we gather together to worship, There are several ways in which you can serve on Sunday mornings



While our church emphasizes family integrated worship, we do have place for the little ones from Walkers to 4 year olds. The older kids generally sit with their families in church and are often an active part of our service: we see much value in children watching their families value worship, the word of God, and fellowship. Click here to learn more!



A lot of work goes into getting the Tack Room ready to worship each week.  Everything from setting up chairs + nursery, to tidying up the rooms are needed.  Click here to learn more!

Missions Team

We need to raise up leaders to reach the lost in own on communities and around the globe.  Please let us know if you are passionate about developing evanglism within Redeemer.

Pre-service prayer Facilitator

We meet weekly before each service to pray together.  This is vital, without God's presence and involvement Sunday worship is pointless. Would you consider leading this special time of group prayer?

Welcome team

When we see new faces getting settled in before the service, we seek to welcome them, say hello, and offer an opportunity to get their questions about our church answered. Click here to learn more!

Door greeting and Hospitality Team

To ensure we offer a warm welcome to everyone who attends our service, our door greeters stand at the entrance and intentionally look for new faces to Redeemer to offer a warm welcome. Click here to learn more!

fellowship meal Team

On the second Sunday of each month we eat lunch together as a whole church after the worship service. We're looking for people who are willing to plan and serve the fellowship meal to the rest of our church body. Click here to learn more!

Already serving on a gathering team?

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