"You Asked For It" Part 1 - Understanding God's Will For My Life

Understanding God's Will for my life.

1. God's will of decree = God's eternal plan that determines everything that happens in the universe.             -How can we know it? we can't! (Isaiah 55.9)

2. God's will of desire = God's revealed commands that teach us how we should live for Him.                                      -How can we know it? The Bible!

3. God's will of direction = God's specialized plan uniquely designed for us to discover to make right decisions.   -How can we know it? Road signs!

The kicker: Sometimes we don't get an answer to God's will for our lives because He doesn't intend to tell us.

How does God Speak?

1. In these last days, God has chosen to speak to us through His Son.

2. God continues to speak to us by His Son through His Spirit in the Scriptures. 

3. Apart from the Spirit via Scripture, God does not promise to use any other means to guide us, nor should we expect Him to.

Decision, Decisions!

1. Where God commands, we must obey.

2. Where there is no Biblical command, God gives us the freedom and responsibility to choose.

3. Where there is no Biblical command , God gives us wisdom to choose.

        A. Treasure God's commands: the Bible (Proverbs 2.1)

        B. Turn your ear toward wisdom: find sound advice (Proverbs 2.2)

        C. Call out for insight: Pray (Proverbs 2.3)

4. As we follow God's will of desire and make wise decisions, we must trust God to work out the details.

Additional Resources:

  • Just Do Something by DeYoung
  • Guidance and Voice of God by Payne + Jensen
  • Decision Making and the Will of God by Friesen