God Presents us with Opportunity

I’ve often been asked, What do you treasure most? It’s one of those questions—the intense kind,
the scary kind, the good kind. And usually, it’s the kind of question you can probably answer for
me. If you observed how I spend my time, my talents, and my resources, what would you say I
I personally would love to say, I treasure Jesus more than anything. And I would hope you
would say the same, but is that really what my life demonstrates? Or would it demonstrate that I
value work, my spouse, or nights at home, or getting together with friends? For example, I tend
to overemphasize sleep and good food and, if I'm honest, it even surpasses my love for Christ at
times. What is it that you treasure more than Christ?
So much of what distracts me is the temporal things. I don't intentionally let my eyes drift off
Jesus, but it happens. I easily get lost with things like dinner, the schedule, where to grab coffee,
tasks at work, when I need to get to bed, who are we spending time with, taking our next
vacation. Before I know it, I'm fully focused on the temporal and lose sight of Jesus. My treasure
has become something else and focusing on the tasks of life I have missed the purpose of life. So
I ask you to join me in shifting our eyes up.
Look up.
Look up at Him.
My next question is, What is my purpose? What is your purpose? What is our purpose?
I think the answer is, as the Westminster Catechism says, to glorify God and enjoy him forever!
But we also need to ask this question: how do we apply that purpose?
Well, one ingredient to applying our purpose is to spread the Gospel in South Walton and to the
ends of the earth.
This is our purpose for being here! Paul writes in prison: It is my eager expectation and hope that
I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in
my body, whether by life or by death. For to live is Christ and to die is gain. While he is alive,
Paul’s entire cause is Jesus! He is wrapped up in the wondrous joy of knowing Jesus and it
propels him to live a costly life now. He has lived out the Great Commission from the Lord
himself: to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28.18-20). There are thousands lost around us that
aren't saved—entire people groups that have never heard the gospel or even the name of Jesus.
God has shown us His design in His Word: the gospel spreads through us (Romans 10:8-15)!
One of greatest ways to find our purpose is to spread the Gospel! This is not for the elite
Christian, but for anyone who is called to be His disciple.
Let me tell you about how this call to make disciples came alive for my husband and me this
summer. We met a wonderful group of people who God intentionally placed in our lives. They
were J1-visa students. These are international students who come to work for 3 months in the
summer! And God set it up for us to meet a specific group from Thailand—a nation that is
largely Buddhist (>93%) and less than 1% are Christian. And we made the decision to adjust our
schedule to share the Gospel with them through our lives and our words. We got to know them,
we shared meals with them, we played games with them, we shared our house and they shared
theirs. We went snorkeling with them, we had deep moments and awkward ones. We asked about
their lives, we sang songs, we did the electric slide, we cried with them, we hugged. We
frequently said I love you. One of our church members even secured a job for two of them after
being unjustly fired.
And most importantly, we shared our greatest treasure and purpose: we shared Jesus with them.
We did our best to communicate it in away they understood, and who but God knows what
stuck? What I do know is that I love them. I will fervently pray for them. Who knows if they
would have ever met any Christians in their life hadn’t God set this up? Who knows if they
would have ever heard the Gospel? When we met them they didn't know who Jesus is or what
the Bible is. They didn’t have any concept about sin and grace. We are not the most eloquent
speakers, especially when we cannot speak their language and don't fully understand their culture
Even still, we pray that God helped fill in the gaps and allowed His words to stick. We probably
won't know how these months effected their eternity, but I pray that it does! I know one thing for
sure: it deeply affected our relationship with God. Knowing that we were partnering with Him
produced in us a hope, an urgency, and purpose. We hope that they will also know our Savior
Jesus. Please, Holy Spirit, move in their lives!
Church family, let’s not be complacent! Let's not only be consumers of grace, but let’s share it at
any expense! We are saved, designed, and commissioned by God to spread His name. Luke
14:33 says Whoever does not renounce all he has cannot be my disciple. Are we willing to
relinquish and lay down our rights—our comforts, our treasures, our lives—to be His disciple?
Let's link arms and encourage one another to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples who make
David Platt once said, "I don't want to get to the end of my life and miss the whole purpose for
why I am here." Brothers and sisters, let's not miss the point. Let us treasure Jesus above all else
and design our lives to share the gospel.