Our Missiology

As Redeemer 30A seeks to impact Santa Rosa Beach and the surrounding communities with the good news of Jesus Christ, it is our desire to be a “church not unto ourselves.” We will place the highest importance on the needs of those who are outside of our own church over our own preferences and comfort.

As Paul said, “Let each of you look not simply to his own interests, but also to the interests of others,” (Phil 2:4). We at Redeemer seek to serve and love our neighbors for the hope and joy of the gospel. We at Redeemer believe our mission of gospel-saturation and disciple-reproduction is carried out in a three-fold way:

  1. Global mission;
  2. Local mission; and
  3. Community mission.

Global Missions

It is no secret that Jesus called disciples before his ascension and commanded them to go into the entire world, making disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19). We value this calling greatly, because it was because of the faithful obedience of those disciples that the gospel has spread to nearly every tribe and tongue.

However that work isn’t fully complete yet. We are never to cease going on mission cross-culturally as a universal church. So, Redeemer seeks to invest five (5) years or more of time, financial resources, and prayer into each international country that the Lord brings to our heart.

Currently there are a few places that God has already opened the doors for:

  • Uganda: We sent our first missionary Ronnie Willis to Uganda for 6 months of discipleship and construction of a community center this past summer. Current needs include Prayer, Finances, and a future potential for work trip. For more information on Uganda and how you can help, please email us at info@redeemer30a.com


  • Turkey: Relationships are being built with a long-term missionary family currently serving in Turkey. God has faithfully used this ministry among a heavily Muslim population in workplace, church, and refugee ministries. Please pray as our relationship and support of this ministry grows.


  • China: We have established long-term connections with a largely unreached people group in a mountaneous region of the country with the goal of raising local leaders in the Faith.  Two members traveled to this group last year and we are preparing to send two more this summer.

There are a few other countries that we are exploring and praying about Redeemer's partnership and investment. Please commit this to prayer as we seek to be Spirit-led with our participation in global missions.

Local Missions

Our heart is to live as missionaries not just overseas, but also stateside and in our little piece of Florida. Because, we live as a faith family reaching out to those around us and valuing their needs, we seek to be available with our time, resources and prayer for any occasion or need that arises. Local missions includes regional and national ministries and churches.

Currently, Redeemer is building relationships with local ministries that impact their network of relationships for Christ:

  • Lighthouse Family Retreat: We are honored to serve Lighthouse on any occasion, either financially or physical service. It is such a profound ministry, having such a great effect on both the participating families and those who serve. It is such a great opportunity to serve families in the midst of a critical struggle. For more information on Lighthouse Retreats, please go to their website at www.lighthousefamilyretreat.org.
  • Acts 29: We are grateful to be a part of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network, seeking to raise up and equip church planters to start gospel centered churches who prioritize the gospel and discipleship. While Acts 29 is an global ministry, we are specifically a part of the Southeast Network, and even more concentrated the Gulf Coast region. Currently we are one of five Acts 29 churches in the Gulf Coast region from New Orleans to Tallahassee, and it is our hope and desire to help fund and equip multiple churches to be planted in our region and across the Southeast, which has a goal of 200 church plants by 2020. For more information on Acts 29, please visit www.acts29.com.

Community Mission

We believe in becoming a church that is simply about encouraging, equipping and empowering the members of the local church to go out and share the good news of Christ with their family, friends and their network of relationships on a daily basis. We are motivated in that by being gospel-centered, and disciple producing. All efforts in our missional objectives should reflect our priority of gospel-centrality and disciple-reproduction.  

While we seek to prioritize global and local missions, we also want to take on a heart of Missionaries to our own communities. Discipleship is not simply something for the professional ministers, but for Christians at large. We are each called to make disciples of those around us.  We at Redeemer feel the Lord leading us to do this by having our primary organizing structure be that of Missional Communities.

What is a Missional Community? A good definition is:

A gospel community (FAMILY) that lives out the mission of God together (MISSIONARIES) in a specific area and to a particular pocket of people by demonstrating the gospel in tangible forms (SERVANTS) and declaring the gospel to others – both those who believe it and those who are being exposed to it (LEARNERS).

A heavy emphasis in local churches in the past three (3) decades has been on small groups, Bible studies, and affinity groups. What Missional Communities seek to do is take the best aspects of those; but, challenge one another to make the groups not about themselves, but about actively pursuing Christ-glorifying dialogue and relationships with those around you for the sake of the Gospel, i.e. discipleship.


It is our prayer that in everything we do, Christ is made much of.  As Jesus’ cousin John the Baptizer said, “He must become greater, I must become less,” (John 3:30). Our prioritization of gospel saturation globally, locally, and through missional communities we feel is God glorifying, Spirit Led, and Jesus demonstrated.

We don’t rely on methodology or programs to make disciples, but like Jesus we hope to build up people to make disciples.  Evangelism is not done by something, but by someone. This is vital for us to recognize, that the commission of Jesus to his disciples is still relevant for us today. The Lord wants to use people to carry out this objective on earth.

Robert Coleman penned it best in The Master Plan of Evangelism, writing:

“Until we have such people imbued with his Spirit and committed to his plan, none of our methods will work.

"This is the new evangelism we need. It is not better methods but better men and women who know their Redeemer from personal experience—men and women who see his vision and feel his passion for the world—men and women who are willing to be nothing so that he might be everything—men and women who want only for Christ to produce his life in and through them according to his own good pleasure.

"This finally is the way the Master planned for his objective to be realized on the earth, and where it is carried through by his strategy, the gates of hell cannot prevail against the evangelization of the world.”

We exist to see Jesus Christ be Lord of all people
By making disciples
Through clearly declaring and sacrificially displaying his good news
In South Walton and to the ends of the earth.
— Redeemer 30a Mission Statement