Our VISION is to be a church that impacts Santa Rosa Beach with the good news about Jesus.

More than programs and more than relevance, more than songs and more than lights, more than cliques and more than a particular brand, we are concerned about being an authentic community of people that follow Jesus only. 


Experiencing God's love toward us propels us to serve those around us: to genuinely love Santa Rosa Beach and its people, to care about our community, and to share the most remarkable truth through true friendship and winsome evangelism. 

And so there comes our MISSION: to facilitate an environment where mature and equipped women and men are investing in the maturing and equipping of others.

We firmly believe that if our church community is both being equipped and equipping, then the larger Santa Rosa Beach community will experience the good news about Jesus. So its about intentional discipleship--a church completely dedicated to its neighbors and co-workers, friends and families.