Read to See

Ever looked at something you’ve seen a million times before, only to discover something new? In this step, you will learn to systematically dissect Scripture in hopes of discovering all it really holds.


Investigate to Know

Ever changed your mind about something you were sure of? In this step, you will learn to use cultural and linguistic details to draw an informed conclusion about Biblical authors' intended meanings.


Think to Grow

Ever studied a passage of Scripture but struggled to apply it to your life? In this step, you will learn to think and pray about Scripture in relation to yourself in a way that helps you grow in Christ-likeness. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Is An inductive Approach to Studying the Bible for me? 

Would you like to be able to open your Bible, understand what is being communicated, and know how to apply it to your life without having to rely on someone else to explain it to you? If so, then “Yes!,” learning how to study the Bible using this inductive approach is for you. 

If you already study the Bible inductively, or have used an inductive approach before, we trust you will still find value in this unique process, and enrich your ability to gain an even deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Learning this process will also equip you to help others who are trying to learn how to effectively study the Bible. If you desire to sharpen your Bible-study skills, or to help others who are new to this kind of process sharpen theirs, we are confident this three-part process is for you.


What will I Learn By Using This Process?

By using this three-part process to study the Word, you will be equipped to:

  • Better understand the Scriptures by learning to consider the cultural, historical, and theological contexts in which they were written;
  • More correctly interpret the central point(s) of any particular passage of Scripture; and
  • Practically apply the Word to your everyday life.

What do I need to get started?

You will need a Bible, a printed copy of parallel Scripture texts, a computer and internet access, something to write with, and something to write on. Colored pens, highlighters, extra paper or journals are totally optional.


How Much Time Does An Inductive Approach Demand?

If you have never taken an inductive approach to studying the Word before, this process will add some time to your reading; but, as you become more familiar with the process, each part will get easier and quicker as this process becomes second-nature.

Keep in mind that the "Do you want to go deeper?" activities will add more time to the process.


Will I need to visit this site regularly?

The inductive approach detailed here is a work in progress. Our plan is to add videos, lectures, and other tools to this site in the months and years ahead to help you deepen your knowledge and strengthen your application of God's Word!

We hope that even after you feel comfortable using this process, you will regularly visit this site to leverage the tools and resources housed here.