Instilling passion for foster & adoption care

"Since the beginning of Redeemer, we have instilled into the culture—the DNA—of this church specific values. One of those is family. We really want to foster environments of foster care and adoption."

— David Huffman, Elder, Redeemer 30A


Why We Care
Understanding the desperate need—and the Biblical call—for believers to care for orphans.
As of June 2017, Walton county has only 16 foster homes with a total capacity of 34 children. This is an alarmingly low number! And we as God’s children want to follow the call to care for these children.
Psalm 65:8 describes the Lord as the "Father of the fatherless" and the "protector of the widow." In Ephesians 5, Paul calls us to be "imitators of God" as HIS beloved children! Do you see?! We can and must care for orphans and widows because we were once orphans, now adopted in the family of God. We were once widows, estranged from the bridegroom, Jesus Christ.
Just as we have been saved from spiritual death and isolation, we must extend the same saving grace of Christ to children right here in Walton County. One, amazing way of doing so is by meeting their desperate need for a loving home.
Walton County needs 28 more families to properly house all of the children in need of a loving home.
Not everyone is called to be a foster parent, but everyone can help a child in foster care. We are all called to be part of caring for orphans in need.
Pray about this. Ask God to open your heart and mind regarding fostering and adoption. There is a huge need for us to be the hands and feet of Christ for these children.
Through our actions of taking them into our homes and lives, we are living out the gospel and demonstrating the hope we have in Jesus Christ!

A three-prong approach for meeting the need

"If the Lord hasn't called you to foster or adopt, there are numerous ways to support foster and adoptive families. We can and must serve and support those who are serving and supporting children every day."


— Riley Cummins, member, Redeemer 30A

How We're Responding
Raising-up foster and adoption families, developing a support structure, and prioritizing discipleship.
With hundreds of children in need of loving homes in Walton County alone, the task of meeting our Biblical calling to care for orphans can and should seem daunting.
That’s why Redeemer is partnering with other churches in our community, as well as seeking the counsel of believers who have helped build some of the most effective church responses to foster and adoption needs in their own communities.
Helping to establish 28 foster and adoption homes in Walton County is a task that we can neither accomplish alone, nor with a one-size-fits-all approach.
We recognize that some in our congregation will feel called to foster, while others to adopt. And still others to serve, support and pray for those who choose to foster and adopt. And that’s a marvelous thing! The diversity of passions the Lord is instilling our members’ hearts will empower us to meet the needs He already has and will continue to reveal.
But the first step, no matter where your heart may be, is to immerse ourselves in the needs of our community, and to equip ourselves to be able to meet them with excellence.
So, whether or not you have a burning desire to foster and adopt, we are asking you to consider enrolling in an 8-week course provided by Family First Network to learn more about the needs in our community, and to explore what role the Lord has for you to play in meeting those needs.
We have partnered with Good News United Methodist Church to host this course for the first time in South Walton! The course begins at 5:30pm on Tuesday, October 4th. Click here to learn more.
Together, we can display the love of Christ and declare His lordship to hundreds of children in need, and thousands of unbelievers in our community by opening our homes, and caring for those who open their homes.

Get Certified

Equip yourself to foster or adopt by enrolling in an 8-week certification course provided by Family First Network.

Following the success of our first licensing course in 2017, Redeemer will continue to partner with United Methodist Children's Home to host 8-week certification courses for those interested in fostering or adopting in Walton County.

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