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One of the many blessings the Lord has given me since moving to Florida has been a number of meaningful friendships. I have become close friends with some great men who are encouraging, challenging, who pray for me, and often times teach me how to be a better pastor just by how they live.   A few of these guys are involved in construction in some form or fashion.  Their occupation literally revolves around the process of building physical structures.  To be honest, I sometimes envy that line of work because the fruit of their labor is quickly seen, which isn’t always the case in pastoral ministry.  Yet there is SO much we can learn about being a Christian, and even starting a church, from the process of building a house.  What each of them would probably tell you is it doesn’t matter how big the home is, how extravagant or ornate the details, or even the beauty of the color palate…  unless you think first about two important elements: a proper location, and a solid, reliable foundation

When considering Redeemer Church, the location was integral from its inception… we knew Santa Rosa Beach was the place we needed to be.  While God has already been doing great things in other churches, ministers, and Christians in the area, we could also see a visible need here as the area continued to grow.  The population isn’t staggering, but there are still many who are living their lives apart from the saving embrace of Christ.  As Jesus told his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.  Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest,” (Luke 10:2).  Because of this, we have prayed that God would bring laborers to EVERY church in Santa Rosa Beach, so that the light of Christ may continue to illuminate darkened souls.  The harvest is plentiful in Santa Rosa Beach… the location matters. 

Jesus himself mentioned the second key element in the Sermon on the Mount saying that a foolish man builds his house upon sand, but a wise man builds his house upon the rock![1]   When a house is built, the foundation is paramount.  If it is cracked, or laid on shifty soil, then the entire structure is at risk of collapse.  Redeemer Church would be built in vain if it does not have a solid and reliable foundation.  Over the past few weeks we have been having “Launch Team Meetings.”  These meetings, held at an aforementioned friend’s intentionally constructed home, have been focused solely on building that foundation.  Though our official launch is still weeks away, we are praying earnestly and preparing restlessly as a faith family.  We have worshiped together, celebrated communion weekly, studied theology and doctrinal distinctives side by side, broke bread in fellowship with one another, and sought the Lord in prayer hand in hand.  All these things are part of a much bigger purpose… we are laying a foundation fit for a church that is not willing to be a passive congregation, but one that is equipped, encouraged and empowered to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those in our community.

              Our Schedule:

  •        Week 1:  The Gospel
  •        Week 2:  The Word
  •        Week 3:  The Trinity
  •        Week 4:  The Cross
  •        Week 5:  The Resurrection
  •        Week 6:  The Church 1.0
  •        Week 7:  The Church 2.0
  •        Week 8:  The Church 3.0
  •        Week 9:  LAUNCH

The past three weeks have been amazing.  We started off with the meta-narrative of the Gospel in scripture and how it motivates us to live on mission.  Then we discussed the Word, and how we as Redeemer Church have a high view of Scripture and its authority in our lives.  And last week we discussed the Trinity and the importance of diving headfirst into the vast depths of God’s nature, both revealed and mysterious.  But I urge you, ruminate and pray for the next two weeks!  No topic builds a solid foundation quite like that of the Gospel story; the Cross & the Resurrection.  Our heart is that these next few weeks we would see Jesus Christ for who he really is; the Holy one of God…

Our Foundation…

Our Redeemer!


We hope you will join us. 



by David Hufman

[1] Matthew 7:24-2