The Lord’s Prayer in 6 Days

Getting Started

Sunday morning we talked about using the Lord’s Prayer as a model for daily prayer in our own lives. This is a brief attempt to explain further.

What follows is used around the world and has been employed for many centuries. None of this is original to Redeemer30a. Most recently, Mike Breen, author of Building a Discipling Culture (2011), has summarized each section/theme of the prayer.

Throughout this post (and this week), I will be quoting and paraphrasing his work with some added example prayers included here and there. They’re not necessarily meant to be repeated, but rather to give a glimpse of what your prayers that day may look like.


Our Father In Heaven
Hallowed Be Your Name

"Jesus begins His prayer with a simple word that embodies an important relational concept: Father…It’s an intimate name for our intimate God…In this prayer Jesus is teaching us that all believers have the same right of relationship that he enjoys.

"God is very close and yet he is very different. We offer respect to our Father and our God for his is holy, with no darkness or sin. We pause to acknowledge that he is what we long to be. Our spirits yearn for the God-likeness to be a reality in us so that God’s glory is revealed to others here on earth." (Breen, 2011) 

Today's Prayer Example

God, I thank you that you call me daughter/son. Thank you for the wonderful relationship that you have given me. I worship you as completely unique and holy. No one else is like you; give me a deeper understanding of your holiness, hatred of sin, and desire for me to be holy.


Your Kingdom Come
Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Realize that this Father of yours is also a King: "not a king, but THE king." So we are saying that we want what you want. We desire what you desire. "I want your rule, your reign, to advance in this world of darkness and hate. My desire is…to see everyone come out of this world of sin a into your kingdom of forgiveness." (Breen, 2011)

Today's Prayer Example

God, rule over my sin and pride; rule over my will. Break me of my will and align me with what you want for this world—my personal relationships and the global cause of seeing the world know Jesus. 


Give us today our daily bread

As humans, we are needy. In prayer we can admit those things to our loving Father. We have physical needs, spiritual needs, emotional needs. We need strength in our spirits. We can pray to our Father for these things.

Today's Prayer Example

God, I need you to take care of my family. My mother is sick and I believe in your healing power. Will you heal her? Father, please provide food and shelter for me, while also showing me the importance of providing for others when I am able.


We so often stray from what God has given us in Jesus and we sin, we willfully rebel against our Maker and Father. We openly say no to God’s intentions to follow our own selfish pursuits. When we do this to a holy and just God, there is a need for forgiveness, which can only be secured through Jesus.

So, in the name of Jesus, we pray that God would forgive us our debts, our sins. Meanwhile, that same forgiveness should lead to a genuine forgiveness toward our faith family. If someone has wronged you, it’s critical to forgive them fully, just as Christ has forgiven you.

Today's Prayer Example

Father, thank you so much for your Son’s sacrifice on the cross—that he wiped away my sins. Lord now, please forgive me of willfully going against what you would intend for my life. Please forgive me for saying no to you and indulging in sin. Also Lord, please give me the strength and humility to approach others, looking to forgive them and restore our relationship.


Lead us not into temptation

Here the prayer changes: it now deals with us going into the world with the message of God’s love and forgiveness. We are asking God to guide us in the way that we should go. We are asking for strength and character to accomplish what he has for us as his children and ambassadors in the world. We are begging God not to let us fall into the very trap that has so tight a grip on those we are seeking to save.

Today's Prayer Example

Lord, when you take us out into the world to do your bidding, to accomplish your work, to advance your kingdom, please give me the strength to be in the world without falling prey to its temptations. Help us be in but not of the world. 


And deliver us from the evil one

We must never forget that we have a real enemy, and his devices of evil include temptation to get involved with his evil. If we are led astray by his temptations, eventually we will end up in his hands. Satan comes to destroy God’s people, to steal our love and joy. So we are praying that God would keep us safe as we venture through life in the Lord’s service.

Today's Prayer Example

Father, in the same way that my father protected me from danger when I was a kid, will you also protect me from succumbing to the work of the enemy? Lord, I am not praying that nothing bad will happen; instead, I am praying that you will protect my devotion to you, my recognition of your Lordship no matter may come my way. Keep me King of Kings.


This is in no way perfect, and there is plenty more that could be explained, but hopefully this is a little jump start into the praying life of the Christian.

We love you, we care for you. Let us know how we can better explain any part of this.

Blessings to our little church,

Josh Pool

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